Omega Prime Group Building Infrastructures to Harness Emerging Financial Economies

Fintech rising star Omega Prime Group has been heavily investing into the blockchain technology. Seeing its potential, it started acquiring various companies that are pioneering in the financial tech industry. One of this recent investment is Hashtechz, a software development company specializing in building AI driven trading bots that utilizes data driven algorithm to perform high volume arbitrage trading.

Omega Prime Group recently conducted a conference in Jeju Island, South Korea and strategically soft launching their available financial investment instruments to more than 600 blockchain investors. This eagerly anticipated event was a sound success both to Omega Prime Group and their investors.

Omega Prime Hashtech cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot has generated an average of 20% since its launch in April. Omega Prime Group made this product available to the public during the Jeju Island conference.

Other than their existing service, Omega Prime Group has started building further technologies to offer low risk opportunities with a healthy return. They are now focused in creating their own cryptocurrency exchange with complete cryptographic version of the Singapore dollar.

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