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Useless Machine in Make Projects!

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I had mentioned earlier that the Useless Machine will be featured in the upcoming Volume 23 of Make Magazine.  In anticipation of this momentous (for me, anyways) event I’ve been checking out Make Magazine’s digital counterpart MakeZine.

MakeZine is a fantastic site.  In addition to the great articles from the printed magazine, there is a daily blog, a projects section, how-to videos, a community forum, and a spin-off site:  The Maker’s Shed (an on-line store selling cool kits).  I highly recommend that you check it out, if you haven’t already.

They are also beta testing a new website which is a user generated how-to library and instructions for building a Useless Machine are now on this site and can be found here.

Even though the site is new it already has lots of cool projects, and is growing.  If you are a techno-geek/maker like myself, or if you would just like to learn how to make really cool things, then this site’s for you!

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